Eater SD: Japanese Ramen Bar, Maybe More, Headed to Hillcrest

January 24, 2016 News

Eater SD posted an article “Japanese Ramen Bar, maybe more, Headed to Hillcrest” by Candice Woo issued on May 7th, 2014.

San Diego Eater Jinya article

Following up above article, there was another article issued on Eater SD “Japanese Ramen Bar & Izakaya-Style Eatery In the Works for Hillcrest” by Candice Woo issued on October 16th, 2014.

Two posts on not-yet-opened restaurant shows how much anticipation we are getting from San Diegans. Yes, we cannot wait to see you guys in San Diego too!!

As a former San Diegan, I got SUPER excited when I heard that we are opening JINYA restaurants in San Diego. There are some Ramen restaruants in San Diego, but they are all located in that small Asian area near Kearny Mesa. Hillcrest is one of the place we would not find a good Japanese Ramen restaurant. Well, soon you will be able to.

JINYA Ramen Bar San Diego is soon coming to satisfy your craving! Stay tuned.

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