LAist: 9 Hearty Soups To Warm You Up During The Winter

January 3, 2017 Press

LAist: 9 Hearty Soups To Warm You Up During The Winter

Winter has finally descended upon Los Angeles, which means it’s time for some hearty soups to warm you up—or to cure that post-New Year’s Eve hangover. Being L.A., we’re a little spoiled as we have the best Korean food outside of Korea, which means plenty of soups that are suitable for replenishment. If that’s not your thing, however, we also have great Thai boat noodles, pho, matzo ball soup, and menudo to help you brave the bitter cold of a Southern California January. Take advantage now before it gets too warm again!


We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention one of L.A.’s many excellent ramen options on this list. Practically any bowl of ramen will knock you out for the next few hours, but none are quite as heavy as Jinya’s Cha Cha Cha, which is denoted on the menu as being “for garlic lovers.” Merely mentioning the high quantity of garlic does the bowl a disservice, as it’s also piled high with extra-thick slices of chashu and far more diced onions than you’d ever want (but will gladly accept). The broth is a funky mix of pork and fish, and there’s so much fat that the globules cluster at the surface. Don’t be a wuss, slurp it all down baby.

Jinya Ramen Bar has several locations across Los Angeles, including one coming soon to downtown L.A.

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