Populist: 8 Ramen Bars Worth The Rave

February 14, 2019 Press News

Populist: 8 Ramen Bars Worth The Rave

There are a few things Vancouverites are obsessed with – ramen being one of them. The best kind of noods, we love them so much that we even have our very own ‘Ramen Row’ in the West End!  The ultimate Japanese comfort food, the ramen joints on our list are definitely worth the rave.

Let’s get slurpin’.

1 Jinya Ramen Bar

With locations all over North America, people line-up daily for Jinya’s signature dishes like tonkotsu black and spicy chicken. The bar-vibe atmosphere is an added bonus.

Order: Feeling adventurous? Try the Lobster Me Happy made with pork broth, lobster sauce, shrimp & lobster wonton, crispy brussels sprouts, green onion, seasoned egg + served with thick noodles. The Spicy Creamy Vegan Ramen is another great options for those seeking something a little more plant-based.

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