Preview 918: Best Asian Restaurants

May 29, 2019 Press News

Preview 918: Best Asian Restaurants

Best Asian
Restaurants across Green Country serve an endless variety of Asian cuisines, from recipes handed down through generations, to modern interpretations of classic dishes.

When you’re ready to have a wonderfully flavorful, palate-pleasing experience with your meal, you know you can count on Asian restaurants to deliver. Delightful dishes presented with artistic touches of flair and vibrant pops of color invite a foodie to linger over their plates and enjoy the experience of eating well. Tulsans know this to be true, which is why some of the best Asian restaurants in Tulsa have been around forever and aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

For the most part, Asian restaurants keep it simple — meat, rice, and veggies. But what sets it apart from the other food categories is the fantastic combinations of herbs and spices that send our taste buds into the heavens. Ingredient after ingredient is combined in complete harmony, in a way the average person at home in the kitchen can’t replicate.

The diverse flavors of Asian cuisine are abundant in Green County. The area is home to seemingly countless sushi bars, pan-Asian bistros, Chinese eateries, Vietnamese restaurants and beyond. If you’re in the mood for sashimi, makis, dim sum, pad Thai or pho, the choices are sure to delight. Asian dining establishments range from laid-back and casual to formal and high-end.

Check out any one of these Asian food establishments, and you’ll understand what we’re talking about.


JINYA Ramen Bar
416 E. 2nd St. | Tulsa
For many, ramen stirs up memories of cost-saving college meals. But done with traditional Japanese flair and flavor, ramen is a savory, rich dish. JINYA makes their noodles fresh daily and simmers their broths for hours to get maximum umami. You can order off the menu or mix and match to create your specialized ramen dish. Or sample Japanese small plates like crispy chicken, pork gyoza and caramelized cauliflower; various rice bowls and curry dishes; the JINYA Bun, served with slow-braised pork chashu; and more.

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