The Zoe Report: These 5-Ingredient Dinners Will Make Life So Much Easier

September 18, 2019 Press News

The Zoe Report: These 5-Ingredient Dinners Will Make Life So Much Easier

There’s a reason that so many people find themselves clicking their Postmates app several times a week, and that’s convenience. With busy schedules that include work, a social life, and keeping up with domestic duties at home, sometimes getting dinner delivered feels like the only option. While there’s nothing really wrong with outsourcing on those days when you just can’t, it’s also nice to have a home-cooked meal. And if you think you’re too exhausted or inexperienced in the kitchen to whip up a hearty, wholesome dish you can be proud of, think again. There’s a slew of 5-ingredient dinners that even chefs turn to for days when both time and resources are scarce.

It’s a common misconception that healthy and delicious meals need to be complicated, and that can be intimidating when you don’t have a fridge stocked full of produce and other fancy ingredients or if your skills in the kitchen are moderate at best. Top chefs will tell you that often simplicity is the way to go, and you’ll find them relying on some easy-to-prepare, minimal-ingredient meals quite often, given their long, late work days. That said, who better to turn to for learning some go-to recipes that will save you from ordering takeout again? From slow-cooker magic to breakfast-inspired dishes you’ll want to eat at any hour, ahead are seven 5-ingredient (or less) dinner ideas that chefs suggest trying out next time you’re craving a home-cooked — but totally simple — meal.

Spruced-Up Ramen

As the CEO and founder of JINYA Ramen Bar, Tomo Takahashi naturally has a few tricks for making the most out of something that’s probably already in your pantry: instant ramen. “There are so many ways to upgrade instant ramen at home,” he says. “You can add almost any vegetable you like — cabbage, sprouts, lettuce — that will enhance the flavor and make it more nutritious. For a little heat, top it off with hot sauce.”

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